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EDUSIMSTEAM Communication Materials and Activities was released! (D.7.1)

There have been developed plenty of materials and activities to introduce the EDUSIMSTEAM Project. This document aimed to present these materials and activities generated throughout the Project. The document included the communication materials and activities starting from the appealing "Project Logo" for effectively conveyed the project's essence, captured the audience's attention, and encouraged individuals to…

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EDUSIMSTEAM Impact Assessment is published! (D.7.2)

The EDUSIMSTEAM Impact Assessment Report outlines the substantial progress made by our innovative project in simulation-based education and educational policy enhancement.  The main goal of the EDUSIMSTEAM Project has been to establish an evidence-based approach to STEAM education through simulations, aiming to improve learning outcomes and influence educational policies. In that respect, we have developed…

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EDUSIMSTEAM Exploitation Plan is released! (D.7.3)

A comprehensive dissemination and evaluation plan for WP7 of the EDUSIMSTEAM project was developed. This plan encompasses various activities, ranging from the development of logos and brand identities to conducting workshops. We highly emphasize the importance of disseminating all project outputs widely across our partner countries in their native languages to ensure effective outreach and…

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Kick-off Meeting

We held online Kick-off Meeting of EDUSIMSTEAM project on 14 April 2020. Our plan was to meet on 7-8 April 2020 in Turkey. However, we had to reorganize it as online meeting within the scope of COVID-19 measures. In the meeting, we discussed and agreed upon the main roles and responsibilities, deadlines, working and…

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Ceyda ÖZDEMİR – Project Officer for EDUSIMSTEAM STEAM is an interdisciplinary educational approach that engages learners around the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. It aims to promote learners’ higher order thinking skills, productive skills, and their innovative capacity (MoNE, 2016). Project-based learning through collaborative exploration, problem-based learning which focuses on solving…

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EDUSIMSTEAM is based on the priority of “promoting innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches to STE(A)M teaching in education. We intend to make a comprehensive study regarding the needs of teachers and students for STEAM education from different EU countries, the design of teaching in STEM fields that will make difference and also develop strategy among partners…

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