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EDUSIMSTEAM Communication Materials and Activities was released! (D.7.1)

There have been developed plenty of materials and activities to introduce the EDUSIMSTEAM Project. This document aimed to present these materials and activities generated throughout the Project. The document included the communication materials and activities starting from the appealing “Project Logo” for effectively conveyed the project’s essence, captured the audience’s attention, and encouraged individuals to explore more about the project within both WP-1 and WP-7. Moreover, recognizing the importance of effective project management, awareness raising, dissemination, and monitoring, we launched a project website at, offering content in both Turkish and English. Developed using the technical platform of Moodle LMS, the website’s domain was secured, content was generated, and the technical design was finalized to support teacher training, IOP access, and project activities. Essentially, the website was designed as a versatile tool for sharing documents, reports, and project outputs, including scenario-based learning, guidelines, and frameworks in the field of STEAM Education.

For keeping our stakeholders updated on project developments, we established social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:



Instagram: #edusimsteam

A significant achievement of this project was the creation of an online training module available at, which was integrated into a unified platform housing the project website, online teacher training, and Innovative Online Platform (IOP) at .

You can reach to the EDUSIMSTEAM Communication materials and activities from here.

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