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EDUSIMSTEAM Project Progress Report is released! (D.6.1)

This document provides an overview of the advancements achieved by our project in the domain of simulation platforms and the enhancement of educational policies. The core objective of the project is to establish an evidence-based approach for STEAM education. This is accomplished by improving teacher competencies and harnessing the potential of simulations to enrich learning outcomes and influence STEAM education policies.

This Report included the achievement of the project activities. In fact, we developed a robust framework designed to introduce the STEAM education approach and enhance the foundational skills of teachers for its implementation. Additionally, the project seamlessly integrates STEAM education scenarios with simulation-based learning experiences across various subjects and educational levels. Collaborations with educators, policymakers, and researchers have resulted in the creation and implementation of interactive simulation modules, which have proven effective in increasing student engagement and deepening their understanding of intricate concepts. Furthermore, the project places a strong emphasis on policy enhancement. Extensive research and analysis have been conducted to identify areas for improvement within existing educational policies.

The EDUSIMSTEAM Project Progress Report gathered the processes in the project with the commitment underpinned by a focus on equity, accessibility, and inclusivity in all our endeavours.

You can review the EDUSIMSTEAM Project Progress Report from here.

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