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EDUSIMSTEAM Impact Assessment is published! (D.7.2)

The EDUSIMSTEAM Impact Assessment Report outlines the substantial progress made by our innovative project in simulation-based education and educational policy enhancement.  The main goal of the EDUSIMSTEAM Project has been to establish an evidence-based approach to STEAM education through simulations, aiming to improve learning outcomes and influence educational policies. In that respect, we have developed a robust framework that seamlessly integrates simulation-based learning into various subjects and educational levels, thanks to collaborations with educators, policymakers, and researchers. Interactive simulation modules have proven effective in boosting student engagement and deepening their grasp of complex concepts.

EDUSIMSTEAM project places a strong emphasis on enhancing educational policies. Through extensive research, we have identified areas for improvement while addressing challenges like technical limitations, resource constraints, and educator development needs. These challenges underscore the importance of ongoing collaboration and strategic planning. We have advocated for evidence-based practices in educational policies, aiming to empower students, educators, and policymakers to drive positive transformations. Our commitment to equity, accessibility, and inclusivity ensures that our initiatives benefit all learners and stakeholders.

In conclusion, this report highlights the significant contributions to simulation-based education and policy improvement in STEAM. Through simulations and collaboration, we have advanced STEAM education. We remain dedicated to creating a positive educational landscape with a commitment to equity, accessibility, and inclusivity.

You can access the EDUSIMSTEAM Impact Assessment Report from here.

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