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International Edusimsteam Innovative Practices and Policy Making in STEAM Education Conference

23-24 May 2023

International Edusimsteam Innovative Practices and Policy Making in STEAM Education Conference will, hopefully, increase the impact of the project on an international level and have a policy-making impact as it will be hosted by a good group of policymakers and educational leaders.

Venue: Spain, Santiago de Compostela

Format: Hybrid (both online and face-to-face)

Participants: 200 participants

Target group: Teachers, Students, School heads, researchers, Policy makers, Administrations, Enterprises and companies, and others

Scope: A final conference on STEAM-based education will be held. The conference will include three themes: innovative practices in STEAM education, policy-making for innovation, and the experiences of STEAM leaders and teachers in Europe.

Logistics: There is no conference or registration fee for participating the event. The authors of the accepted papers will be able to present their study either in online or onsite setting. The international participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation fees. The catering is provided as part of the event.

Review process: There will be a double-peer review process for the papers. The two members of the Scientific Board in the project will review all papers. At the conference, all academicians who are partners in the project will be encouraged to make presentations. Moreover, academicians from various respected universities in Europe will be invited to present their studies in STEAM education from K–12.  

Draft Agenda: 2-day event

How to Submit to the Conference

All proposals for the conference must be submitted using the online submission system for 2023, using the sample paper below. You will be technically unable to submit your proposal if the information is missing. So please collect all the necessary information before submitting your proposals.

It is also important to stay within the limits of word counts indicated in the examples as otherwise, the submission system will not process your submission. The conference’s language is English. All proposals need to be submitted and presented in English, and only proposals handed in English will be considered. The title must be a maximum of 15 words, and the main text must be no longer than 500 words including references if any.

Materials: All rooms will have a computer with an Internet connection for you to present. If you need something else, please bring them with you.

Important note: Please indicate in the abstract whether you wish to present online or face-to-face. Unfortunately, we will not consider your abstract for review if you do not state how you present it.

Deadline: 20 April 2023.

Announcement of the accepted papers: 28 April 2023

Conference registration: 5 May 2023

Please upload your paper below:

Drop file or click to upload

Upload completed, thank you!

Word limit: Submitted abstracts must be between 350-500 words, having 4-5 keywords, and a maximum of 15 words title.

(In case you fail to upload your documents, please send an e-mail to