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Republic of Türkiye, Ministry of National Education – General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies (MoNE DGIET)


General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies (DGIET) within Republic of Turkey, Ministry of National Education, is a national government organization conducting ICT integration to education, and supporting ICT-based implementations in education. The DGIET’s main field of studies are to monitor and evaluate new technologies applied in education, to conduct studies related to effective ICT use within national technology projects.

The roles of MoNE DGIET in this project will be as follows:

  • To establish project team and management plan
  • To follow all tasks in management plan and WPs
  • To decide on issues concerning the Project Team
  • To help all WP leaders and lead WP1 and WP7 directly
  • To disseminate the outpus and results of this STEAM based project thorughout Turkey and EU countries
  • To manage all financial provisions in the project and enable effective management of the budget within Project Team.
  • To integrate the results of this project into other EU projects of MoNE DGIET
  • To evaluate the project progress with the Scientific Board and manage dissemination activities with the Dissemination Board.