Teacher Trainings


The Scientix project, coordinated in Turkey by the Ministry of National Education Directorate General for Innovation and Education Technologies, aims to disseminate the STEM education throughout Europe via Scientix portal. It is a project open to teachers, academicians, school principals, families and everyone concerned. On Scientix portal, STEM education projects and materials that all teachers can use in their lessons are shared for improving students’ questioning, scientific thinking, researching, inventing and production skills. Within the scope of the project, STEM Education Workshops and Continuous Professional Development courses have been held since 2017, reports on STEM Education in Turkey and guides for teachers have been published.

Although STEM has transformed and expanded into STEAM education with the Arts dimension incorporated, it is parallel with the STEAM model, apart from some differences in practice. Below are some examples of teacher training practices organized for STEM Education in Turkey, in the scope of Scientix Project:

STEM Education and its Reflections in Our Country – Held for STEM education and STEM practices both in Turkey and throughout the world.

STEM Projects and Preparation Processes – The videoconference below is about the steps of preparing a STEM project.

Sustainable STEM Education in the New Normal – A training has been carried out concerning how to practice STEM Education, the requirements for STEM School Ecosystems and good practices.